Learning redefined.
Enter the new world of learning.
Without compromise, without interruption.
Just you and your goal.
Meet your friend
Talk to your new buddy.
He will assist and guide you
through your adventure.
Set your goal
Set the session length
and let the magic happen
Design your home
Personalize your buddy's home with unique furniture and upgrades using credits earned from completed sessions.
On the roadmap
More features to come soon:
Talk with your AI powered buddy
Receive personalized tips and motivation from your buddy based on your focus patterns, helping you stay on track during sessions.
Invite your friends
Connect with friends for group focus sessions and schedule sessions together for added accountability.
Craft powerful items and improvements
Enhance your buddy's abilities by crafting potions, new furniture, and other upgrades to boost session rewards.
How to get it?
Available on iOS and soon on Android.
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