Island Runner
The Village Sports Fest

About the game

Embark on an exhilarating journey through stunning landscapes in Island Runner: The Village Sports Fest. This arcade-style infinite runner offers players a visually captivating experience set amidst vibrant environments.

Island Runner provides a seamless transition from tranquil exploration to heart-pounding excitement, offering a dynamic gameplay experience that keeps players in a state of flow.

Join the island's annual sports festival and compete to see who can run the furthest.


  • Beautiful Runner: Immerse yourself in visually striking landscapes as you dash through picturesque scenes.
  • Satisfying Jumps: Experience the thrill of perfectly timed jumps that propel you through the island's varied terrain.
  • Relaxing Pace: Enjoy a leisurely pace or ramp up the intensity for an adrenaline-fueled challenge.
  • Unlocking New Potential: Discover hidden depths as you unlock new visual customizations for your character and access new levels, either through progression or in-game purchases.
    • Visuals: Personalize your character's appearance and unlock additional levels to explore.
    • Features: Enhance your gameplay by extending combo duration, increasing jump capabilities, and accelerating combo accumulation.
  • Level Interactables: Navigate through interactive elements within levels, including trampolines, multi-platform environments, and dynamic obstacles like running chickens.

How to play?

This game is available for Win and Mac on Steam and iOSĀ and Android.