Lua Playground

About the game

Embark on a journey to master Lua programming language in a captivating and interactive way with Lua Playground. Dive into a world where your code shapes the actions of your character, solving puzzles across beautifully designed levels.

Experience the thrill of problem-solving as you grapple with puzzles, then revel in the satisfaction as your code brings your character effortlessly through obstacles and levels.

Embark on an educational adventure like no other and unlock the secrets of Lua programming in Lua Playground!


  • Learn Lua Programming: Delve into the fundamentals of Lua programming and witness your code come to life in real-time.
  • Develop Problem-Solving Skills: Sharpen your problem-solving abilities as you tackle intricate puzzles and challenges.
  • Immersive Visuals: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning environment, with meticulously crafted levels bursting with color and detail.